Monday, June 11, 2007

I love it; He hates it

For balance, I asked Phill tonight which movie I like to watch that he refuses to watch even in passing. This is a man who can watch anything with a plot, no matter how thin or ridiculous. He isn't particularly fond of Pride and Predjudice, but he'll watch it if he has nothing else to do. Sense and Sensibility doesn't count because Alan Rickman is in it. He'll watch any Alan Rickman movies. I believe it is one reason why he enjoys the Harry Potter movies.

His answer to me was, "Of the movies you own, A Room with a View is one I won't watch. You couldn't ever get me to watch Like Water for Chocolate again." I don't own the second movie, so we are safe on that front.

What about you? Can you pinpoint one movie that your partner will not watch that you adore?


Awesome Mom said...

My husband hates any of my much adored Jane Austen movies. I hardly even bother watching them any more because I got tired of all the snide comments.

Sarabeth said...

Some men, well, most men, do not fathom the depths of Jane Austen. It does go in reverse at times. I read the entire 20 book series of Patrick O'Brian (Master and Commander) when I was pregnant with my son. Women at the gym who knew what the books were about would give me quizzical stares that I was reading them. They thought they were reserved for men and those that sailed. I do neither one. It was the characters that hooked me. I needed to know what happened in their lives.

Oh, well, if we were all alike I don't think life would be fun at all.