Sunday, June 10, 2007

He Loves It; I Hate It

Tonight, after a long day moving rocks to repair a walkway, Phill is enjoying a movie. It is a movie that I refuse to watch. I believe that he watches just so that I don't snuggle next to him on the couch.

This movie is A Knight's Tale. Even the bits that are meant to be cute (the wave, singing "We will rock you") only annoy me. Only Paul Bettany playing the part of Geoffrey Chaucer is enjoyable to me.

Is there a movie that your spouse watches repeatedly that causes you to run from the room screaming?


dragon knitter said...

my second ex husband was obsessed with Patton. to the point that my SONS could quote the damned movie. needless to say, this is one of the reasons why he's my EX.

Awesome Mom said...

I have discovered that a good many of the movies my husband watches drive me up the wall. I am so glad that we have netflix no, so I do not have to be subjected to his movies if I do not want to be.

Kell said...

Dave likes World War movies - in fact, every patriotic holiday, the History Channel replays Band of Brothers. What I hate is that he's seen the entire series several million times - and yet, I've only made him watch one episode of Arrested Development set once. Where is the justice?

Trixie said...

More than I can count...but the same can be said for his feelings regarding my choices.

(and I really dislike that movie too)

Sarabeth said...

C'mon! Pick one that you really, really despise.

I'll give you a chance later to state the movie that your partner really can't stand.

Awesome Mom said...

Ok since you insist on a movie title. I hate Billy Madison with a passion yet that stupid Adam Sandler movie is in our movie collection. I loath it with a passion. I tried watching it once with some friends before I met my husband and I ended up leaving the room it was so bad.