Thursday, June 21, 2007

A fairy chases fireflies

As a celebration of the summer solstice, we allowed our children to stay awake until the sun was no longer visible. As the sky darkened, fireflies began their intermittent light display. My daughters pursued the insects in hopes of catching one or two. I had my camera with me. I pushed the button to take a picture forgetting there was insufficient light. This is what was recorded on the memory card. In the right hand corner is a small red dot. That was a firefly. As for the pink creature?

It must have been a fairy.


jmb said...

Lovely photo. How lucky you are to have fairies at the bottom of your garden.

Even after all these years in North America I still think of the summer solstice as being on June 22nd because that's when it is in Australia and this is firmly fixed in my mind as the date.

elizabeth.thomas said...

This is just neat.

Sarabeth said...

A photograhpic fluke can be a wonderful thing.