Wednesday, June 13, 2007

As someone pours a pitcher of water on our house

It is a good sign when I choose to write/edit instead of packing the diaper bag for our day trip to Busch Gardens Williamsburg tomorrow. Someone might call it procrastination, but I choose to call it motivation.

And, I am motivated. I want to rid the earlier chapters of the devices that I needed to use just to get the words on virtual paper. To take the ideas and iron them is satisfying. Although I know that I have probably created other wrinkles, I feel the changes are better than what was casually pulled from the dryer to sit draped on the bedroom rocking chair.

Tonight, I neglected to stash crackers, gummy fruits, and juice boxes in the trusty L.L. Bean pack that was never intended to be a diaper bag. The sound of the rain impacting on the plexiglass of the skylight did not deter me from typing. Not even the Benadryl, which I was forced to swallow due to the wallop of pollen from whatever tree or flower is spreading to ensure the continuity of its genetic material, impeded my writing/editing.

Chapter 15
has the same purpose, but the characters are fewer and the read is easier. Two girlfriends yakking it up at lunch. Raised on leather with flesh on her mind.

Oops, that was the Benadryl typing. Not me. No. Leather isn't comfortable for clothing.

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