Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Things you should know about my father (8)

He was a Republican for as long as I can remember. He was fiscally conservative, hated income taxes, and for most issues was socially conservative. However, he didn't think that the government should legislate morality. Not to be easily categorized, he would comment that NPR was "fag radio" (don't ask me to tell you how many times I gave him hell for that!), yet he also supported the local station financially.

On one issue, I am not sure how he felt. My sister and I shut him down one night at dinner when he began to support an abortion ban. I don't know if he changed his views, but he certainly never brought it up with his daughters again. I've said it before; he knew when he had lost an argument. I could see him cringe when my sister and I ganged up on him again that the actions of then President Bill Clinton were not impeachable offenses. We had both read the Starr Report. As much as he hated Clinton, he was aware that his daughters were much more educated on the issue than he.

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elizabeth.thomas said...

I think he called it that because of the man's voice that was used as the call sign - it has some very high pitched tones in it and a lisp.
I can see Daddy looking at me when I said something he couldn't believe. His head would drop and his eyes would widen with that "I can't believe you just said that" implict in their brightness and the wrinkles in his forehead would really show.
Another one of his hot buttons would also be that President Teddy Roosevelt said that a SSN would never to used to track people. He said that a lot, until one day I said, "Daddy, Teddy was wrong. He believed that at the time." He never said it again. I respected him for that so very much. Well, I respected him more for that as I've always respected my father. He was just that type of person - everyone respected him.