Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Question for You

Later this evening after I watch American Idol on the DVR (the only way to watch shows bloated with tidbits, meaningless interviews, and banter), I will post the next chapter. I don't want to say that it is an important chapter, but I suppose it is one of the chapters that has meaning to me as a writer. It is like the sex chapter; I need to have your feedback.

What I am wondering today is why I'm writing a romance novel. What do I hope to accomplish besides a personal goal? Do I really want to write a book that could be turned into a chick flick that make husbands grimace with just a small glance at the movie trailer?

My answer is yes. I do. I like stories like that because I can leave my life and float into another. I read romances for the same reason I read sci-fi or fantasy. I am escaping.

What about you? Why do you read romance novels?

Image: Cover of Season of the Sun by Catherine Coulter
(A note on the cover: It is the original cover, not the modern cover that is available today. Also, I should really read this book if I haven't in the past because the main female character's name is Zarabeth. I was named after a Zarabeth from a Star Trek episode (the original series). Spock fell in love with Zarabeth, portrayed by Mariette Hartley.)


jmb said...

Hi Sarabeth,
I've been neglecting feedback for you lately. I'm off tomorrow for a week and I have saved your last couple of chapters to my hard drive and will read them while I'm away. I will also do the same for this chapter you are about to post. My husband thinks I'm crazy for taking my laptop, but that's what it's for, right? To travel with you. I have also saved Doom to take with me.

Well, yes I read some romance novels for escapism, but I also read mysteries, legal thrillers, non-fiction, all kinds of stuff. No SciFi or Fantasy. Too pragmatic for that I guess. One thing I would like from any book that I read is to learn something new. I'm still inquisitive after all these years
It was interesting to see Ex's post about lunch with NeoNatal Doc. I hope he comes back in the near future.

Sarabeth said...

Thanks, jmb. Laptops are for traveling. I rarely go somewhere without mine.

Ex returned last night only to play doctor tonight for a trio of very ill babies as well as all the others that need tending.

Have a good week away.

wolfbaby said...

for fun and escape and to travel to all the places I will never see.

molly said...

for patterns and predictability but also to find one that is not predictable, to help me fall asleep and to laugh (at corniness, sexiness, manliness and sterotypes)

sorry I can't read your chapters yet. I am not a writer and must finish a book if I start it.