Saturday, May 26, 2007

Not a Doctor

And I wouldn't play one on TV.

There are a few people in my life who have ailments for which I have no empathy. The first one restricts her activities, makes others suffer hotter temperatures than comfortable, and constantly talks about her pain. Another person is much less talkative about her problem, but it still dominates the conversation around meals. Both of the people have been to doctors, had tests run, and seen specialists. Neither has a diagnosable condition.

Most days I believe they have some discomfort. Other days I am much less charitable. The words that want to be released are "shut up" and "bear it." That is what I do, and I have a diagnosed condition that has caused me to restrict my own activities.

Having recently talked with one of the persons mentioned above, I decided that I would not have made a good doctor or nurse. My husband, ever the blunt one with me, agreed. "You have no empathy." (That's going a little far. I have some. A little. OK, not much.)

I certainly have the brain power to assimilate all of the knowledge required to be the doctor, but my personality would have prevented me from being a caring doctor.

Is there a profession that you know you could not have done? Let's not go the easy route choosing trash collector. Face it. If you had to be a trash collector, you could do it. Which profession would your personality prevent you from executing properly?


jmb said...

Well although I am very interested in things medical, I could never have been a hands on person, that is a nurse or a doctor or anyone who has to deal with bodily fluids and lacerated flesh. I could do it with my children although I wasn't very good with a lot of blood which thankfully only happened once.

I don't think I was especially empathetic when I was a young woman but I think I certainly have become much more so over the years. I don't know if it's because of being a mother, in which case you should become more empathetic as time goes on.

If you really look at those people in your life, they may well be just needing extra attention and trying to get it by talking about their health situation. Sometimes if you try to see what someone is "really saying", not what they are saying it makes more sense. "I'm lonely, I'm bored, I'm unhappy." Maybe you can think of some way to divert this complaining in another direction.

Just some general thoughts which may or may not be applicable.

Awesome Mom said...

I think that any kind of cubical desk job would drive me insane. I like to be out and about doing varying things. That is one of the things I really like about being a stay at home mother, no day is ever identical.

Sarabeth said...

jmb--your advice is good for at least one of these people. The first person--not so much. She obsesses over all things about her body and thinks that she needs to share it. When I talk to her about other topics to avoid the whole health issue, she brings it right back to the aches and pains.

Sarabeth said...

Hah! Isn't that true about no day being identical. There are moments of ritual, but each day brings a new challenge when at home with the little ones. Now that two of mine are in school, the day is a bit more predictable, but not that much more. The kids are always thinking up something different for us to do after school. Very, very fun.

CJ said...

I wouldn't be happy as a doctor for a related but different reason: I think too much about other people's troubles. I have been seeing a family facing some difficult circumstances and I can't get them off my mind. My responsibility to them is legally concluded -- the child recently turned three and is no longer eligible for early intervention services. But they keep tugging at my heart.

I have a caseload of eight children and I have enough trouble compartmentalizing my work! A work week packed full of sick and needy people would drive me over the edge.

Ami said...

Advertising. If I believed in the product, I think I could do it. But if I thought it was crap, I would be unable to do a good job on it. And there is a lot of crap out there that is advertised.

Selling things. Especially crap, but even non-crap. I just can't get the insincere chit chat down, and I am very, very uncomfortable by things being oversold. Also, I hate calling people to ask for things. I often avoid it until the last reasonable moment.

Defense Attorney. Those guys have to sell crap.

Most any kind of lawyer, really, except the kind that make up contracts. Developing incredibly precise language might be interesting.

wolfbaby said...

hmmm I have fibro and for this very reason try and talk about it as little as possible. Alot of folks don't believe in it and well nothing to be done cept exercise and rest when needed. Sometimes I catch myself after several months of discomfort of whining I try really hard not to!! Im not sayin this is the situation just saying.. well I understand what you mean. My MIL drives me batty on with this very thing so I try not to be like that.. do i make any senese?

I don't think I could be an attorny. I mean the arguing would be fun. But some of the laws and some of the situations would drive me batty. I mean there are times when the law literally ties your hands. Then you have to see the bad guys walk.. or worse defend them. ugh.

Trixie said...

Sales (in general)
Long Distance Truck Driver
Personal Trainer
Social Worker