Tuesday, May 22, 2007

How much he meant to them

From my mother about giving a speech at graduation without Dad there:
I am going to imagine him sitting there in his seat with the faculty. They are keeping an empty chair in the middle of the front row for him.

He kept them entertained with his great gift of talking...and they always invited him to go with them on their New Orleans trip on the weekend.

He would smile and say, "What time are you picking me up?" ...everybody would laugh and smile.

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Trixie said...

The one time I took my school kids to New Orleans our bus ended up in the middle of the drag queen marathon! Out the left windows were men in women's clothing running down the road. Out the right window was an art gallery where a large oil painting of a naked woman was displayed for all to see.

The bus shook as the kids ran from one side of the bus to the other and at some point one of the children yelled "my uncle says that she's not naked (nakkid), she's NUDE and that's ok." These were 7th graders and it was so funny to hear this enlightened world view from a bus of mostly white, Baptist, rural kids with very conventional morals and limited exposure to art.