Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Chopping Broccoli

In the category of Science You Can Use: do not boil your broccoli.

Boiling appeared to have a serious impact on the retention of those important glucosinolate within the vegetables. The loss of total glucosinolate content after boiling for 30 minutes was: broccoli 77%, Brussel sprouts 58%, cauliflower 75% and green cabbage 65%.

The effects of other cooking methods were investigated: steaming for 0–20 min, microwave cooking for 0–3 min and stir-fry cooking for 0–5 min. All three methods gave no significant loss of total glucosinolate analyte contents over these cooking periods.

Why should you care about the amount of glucosinolate within your veggies?

Past studies have shown that consumption of Brassica vegetables decreases the risk of cancer. This is because of the high concentration in Brassicas of substances known as glucosinolates which are metabolized to cancer preventive substances known as isothiocyanates.

In honor of broccoli, hated vegetable of George Herbert Walker Bush, I send you to A Veggie Venture for a plethora of broccoli recipes. My favorite so far is the stir-fried broccoli. I could eat an entire pound of that dish. Honest.


Awesome Mom said...

Seriously who boils their vegetables for a half hour???

Broccoli has essentially been banned from our house. Evan can't eat it and we are not fond of it either.

dragon knitter said...

i actually convinced my husband that broccoli wasn't such a bad thing. the only bad part? he likes it a bit on the mushy side. not total, khaki green mush, but still. at least he's eating it!

the rest of us love it.

Alanna said...

Hi Sarabeth ~ Thanks for the link! I know what you mean about eating the whole pot ... in fact, way back when, I kept used to keep a category called something similar!