Friday, May 18, 2007

Chapter 33

I sit here writing, drinking a fine Scottish ale (Whole Foods, people. Whole Foods.) and realize that I haven't posted a chapter this week. I rectified the situation with Chapter 33.

I should also state that I don't care if publishing this on the web is considered first rights, which means that this won't ever get published because publishers want first rights. If I didn't post these chapters, I wouldn't get them written. I would not care as much. I write for you, all four of you. (Mental check of my calculations is Wolfbaby, jmb, Kell, Liz. Is Trixie still reading these? I don't know. She has enough going on in her life. But, I am writing this for her. Trixie is the person looking over my shoulder as I write. My auntie J is the person who gave me the courage to write.) Yep, all four of you. You keep me going. And, you haven't even read all of it. I'm keeping parts from you. This means you'll have to read it again!!!!! That is when said publisher above relents from wanting first rights.

I can dream, people. I can dream.

Oh, where was I?

Chapter 33.


jmb said...

I'm sure we four or five would never tell.

Trixie said...

I am a little behind. But I will catch up. It's my first day back. I need a minute or two before I can get in the right mind set.

wolfbaby said...

Your keeping parts from us for real?.. ouch.. LOL but it will be fun to read again:)