Friday, May 04, 2007

At least I didn't have hot flashes

And, I thought that I had a difficult time deciding how to write a sex scene. Read this from the WOW! blog:

I walk into Barnes and Noble and head upstairs to the Romance/Erotic Fiction section. I usually hang out in the coffee shop with a stack of new hard covers on my lap, so this little side trip is a foray into uncharted waters for me. I pick up a pink paperback at random and flip to the middle of it. After scanning a few paragraphs I start to feel my cheeks burn. Holy buckets, this stuff is practically pornographic. I put that one back on the shelf and choose a more dignified looking hard cover. Wowza, this one contains more graphic sex than Penthouse Magazine. I feel a trickle of perspiration run down the back of my neck. It is awfully warm in here. I peruse a few more steamy sex-filled books until my nerves can't take it. I'm nervously glancing over my shoulder every few minutes to make sure no one is watching me. Why is it so frickin' hot in here?

You have to read the entire post by Tracy Horan.


jmb said...

That made me laugh too, Sarabeth. I see that erotica has its own section in the big box store here. I know that it's considered an OK genre now, but I would like to know what differentiates it from porn. Especially when some romance novels are pretty steamy these days.
I'm too scared to even pick one off the shelves to look, let alone take it to the cashier.
I guess this is the perfect book to order online, if only one knew what to order. I guess I'll never know.

Awesome Mom said...

That was hilarious!! That is kind of how I feel when buying pregnancy tests, I always seem to put a bunch of random objects in the basket too, just to help hide it. lol