Friday, May 11, 2007

20,000 Naked People

From National Geographic:
Thousands of people bare all at México City's Zocala Plaza as part of a photo shoot for U.S. artist Spencer Tunick.

Tunick, known for snapping pictures of nudes en masse, broke the world record for assembling the most naked people—nearly 20,000—in one place. Tunick asked the men and women to take off their clothes at dawn in the city's historic main square.

From his vantage point above the square, Tunick photographed the sea of bodies in different poses—lying down, saluting, and curled in fetal positions.

What to say about this? Is that art? Can you see yourself volunteering for this?

Not me. Too many stretch marks from having babies.


ami said...

People need to see and accept stretch marks as normal and part of a beautiful woman.

When I lamented about my newly acquired zebra stripes, my husband said "before you were a girl, now you are a woman". I understand it is a typical european attitude. I sometimes think America could do with a bit more of that.

I started this yesterday and went to bed before I could finish it... oh well.

Sarabeth said...

Yes, yes, Stretch marks are normal. I just don't care to have others see them.

Genevieve said...

I doubt if all 20,000 of the naked people were perfectly beautiful. Still, I don't see myself participating in such an event.

ami said...

My real contention though is that while WE might be comfortable with them privately, there are a number of women who aren't. They even undergo surgeries such as tummy tucks in an effort to rid themselves of some of the changes pregnancies permanently makes on a body.

My friend did this shortly after she got a divorce. Even though she left the man, she still suffered from him telling her how ugly her body was. This kind of an attitude is unacceptably inhumane, but is both subtly and overtly circulated in our culture through a media that refuses to show anything less than perfection.

If I knew that it could relieve that suffereing among women, I would pose naked.

elizabeth.thomas said...

I would do it. These people are nude - like statutes of Greek and Roman gods - Venus, Apollo. Those are art and someone had to pose for them. The human body is a work of art and is beautiful. Naked to me implies that you are up to no good - and these people are just standing or laying down.

Sarabeth said...

The word you are thinking is nekkid, which is completely different than naked.

I just wouldn't do it. I see myself in the mirror, and I like what I see. I just reserve that for privacy, and well, when I'm changing clothes in the gym.

Kell said...

I wouldn't do it in Mexico. I'm so pale - that next to all those Mexican complexions - I'd shine like a beacon. You might be able to see my butt from outer space.

Sarabeth said...

Now, Kell, I hadn't thought about that. I can't speak for Ami,but I do know that my sis and I would also pale in comparison. And, Genevieve looks a bit on the paler side as well.

Ami said...

Ami lives in a very high altitude desert. Skin cancer runs in the family.

So I put on sunscreen everywhere that sees the light of day. The rest of my skin is still paler, though.

The only reason I would be naked publicly is for the cause I mentioned. But I don't think it would really help, so it won't ever happen.

Anonymous said...

I think that picture is beautiful…

I personally have very low self esteem, I’ve never felt good about my body image and I just had a baby so even though I’ve lost all my weight and then some, I’ve been left with more than a few reminders that I am far from what the media would portray as perfect! (Yea that’s right, an overabundance of stretch marks and cellulite!)

I don’t like any part of my body or facial features, and, well, I’m more than just pallid so I would stand out in that crowd too! But, I see people there that aren’t in, (what is perceived to be,) perfect shape and they still look beautiful to me. So I find myself wondering, what exactly it is that makes us unhappy with ourselves but so aesthetically forgiving of others?

Sarabeth said...

Anon-I don't know the answer to your question. It can be work to find the beauty in yourself, especially after having a baby. Yet, as mothers, we have to find the confidence so that our daughters learn that confidence with the body they've been given, and so our sons understand that part of beauty in women is confidence.

I thought of this the other day. I saw a mom (a friend) at the pool. She's in great shape, better than me, but not by much. She was wearing a two piece suit. I could see stretch marks, but they obviously were not bothering her image of herself. I wear a one piece because of the extensive stretch marks on my abdomen. I was proud of her. She made me smile.

I hope you find your beauty. It's best for your child that you do. We teach our children so much without even knowing it.