Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Things you should know about my father (3)

He jokingly said that camping was staying at a Holiday Inn. He preferred staying in well-appointed hotels. Yet, he would also spend hours out in the woods hunting quail or dove with briars stuck on his pants and scratching his hands. He was a pretty good marksman and would often remark in movies with shootout scenes that if he had been there everyone would be dead already. He could be like that--cool and calculating and dispassionate. Then, spend just a few minutes watching him and my eldest daughter.
(The photo below is of my family on the Olympic peninsula in Washington state.)

Soon, my father will have been gone for a year. His name was Norris Wilmer Thomas, Jr. To honor him, I will post something about him each day. Maybe it will only be about a habit he had. Some posts may be longer. I don't know. I will write them as they occur to me.

I am also leaving the comments open. If you knew him, add something. If you only want to tell me that I will get over the sorrow, don't. That isn't helpful to me. Let these posts be about him.


elizabeth.thomas said...

This made me laugh - I don't know why, but it did. Maybe because it made me remember watching those movies with Daddy and him making those remarks. And if Tom T. had been with him they all really would have been gone in a flash.

Sarabeth said...

Probably had something to do with Marine basic training and combat in Vietnam.

I'm glad it made you laugh. Some of these should make us laugh. He was a happy person.

Ex Utero said...

I remember the story he told about the colonel riding in the cockpit of his Huey ship in Veitnam for a tour of the field. They started takinging fire and he handed him a colt and ordered him to start returning fire. He could have gotten busted for that, but he the colonel apparently recognized a field commander when he saw one.

Some people know when it's time to do what needs to be done. Your dad was one of those people. He was like that when ever one of his grand kids was about to get hurt too. He was often the first person to catch them before they fell and hurt themselves (that is after they past the baby stage - you should do a post about your dad's discomfort with baby's