Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Things you should know about my father (2)

He knew when he had lost an argument. It wasn't something that happened often--losing an argument.

Soon, my father will have been gone for a year. His name was Norris Wilmer Thomas, Jr. To honor him, I will post something about him each day. Maybe it will only be about a habit he had. Some posts may be longer. I don't know. I will write them as they occur to me. My husband, who had many discussions about politics with my father, offered this trait.

I am also leaving the comments open. If you knew him, add something. If you only want to tell me that I will get over the sorrow, don't. That isn't helpful to me. Let these posts be about him.

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The Preemie Experiment said...

Sarabeth, I am very sorry for your loss. I am envious of the relationship you had, being that I didn't know my biological father until I was an adult. I am still not close to him. You had something so special with your father. It carries through in your posts. Again, I'm very sorry.