Thursday, April 19, 2007

On the Blog List to the Side

I have two RSS readers that I use: Bloglines and Google Reader. Before I started using Google's reader, I took the time to set up the Bloglines blog roll on the sidebar. I've never taken the time to put the Google Reader blog roll on the sidebar.

However, I use the Google Reader most for blog reading and add new links to it from time to time. One example is WOW! Women on Writing Blog. I've been reading it for a bit now using Google Reader. If you have used the sidebar to investigate the blogs I read, then you've missed this resource for women writers. I am thinking of using the Spring prompt to enter their contest. It's one of those decisions to take time away from the novel or to just write for writing's sake.

Ay! The ear. Must try to sleep again. The last attempt wasn't successful, but I did get some great editing done.


jmb said...

Go for it. If you've got an idea, 500 words will produce themselves in a flash. Actually that will be quite the trick: to keep it down to 500 words.

Sarabeth said...

That's probably true. A friend of mine recently asked for responses to a prompt she was giving for her class at school. The minimal word limit was 300. I didn't think I'd meet it, and I did easily. So, 500 wouldn't be too difficult.