Monday, April 16, 2007

No wonder we can't agree

As I read about what was occurring in Blacksburg today, I saw the reports of not only normal media outlets but also individual bloggers reactions. What I read revealed the divide that exists among us here in the United States on the gun control issue.

I'll paraphrase and not link as I read lots and lots today. You probably saw some of the same types of reactions.

1. If only another student had a gun, then he/she could have fought back. Unfortunately, Virginia Tech doesn't allow guns on campus.

And on the flip side:

2. Why do people think that owning automatic weapons is protected by the Second Amendment? Gun enthusiasts may say that guns don't kill, people do, but only a person with a gun can kill so many people.

My thoughts ran more along with number two after I tried to imagine how parents of the students killed will grieve. How deep their grief will be. How immense the sudden loss.

Photo: Virginia Mourning Her Dead, statue at VMI

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Genevieve said...

I cannot imagine the sorrow of losing a child in such a way.