Friday, April 13, 2007

I used to have a scene with him

I told you I was going to mull these thoughts that arose in my sleep-deprived state. You had fair warning.

A few days ago I heard Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd. When I was a kid, my exposure to any Pink Floyd music was limited to some of the music from The Wall. My parents liked listening to folk music, watching Lawrence Welk and Hee Haw, and blasting the 1812 Overture through speakers Dad bought while on R&R from the Vietnam war. Music like Pink Floyd wasn't big in our house.

That changed when I began dating late in high school and college. A few of the guys I dated liked the music of Pink Floyd and others of that ilk. So, in typical girl fashion, I decided to try out the music. Why? I thought it would be helpful for the relationship. Right? OMG, did I really think that? Because if that were true, why didn't the guys come with me to the concerts at the music school? Not once did any of these rockers try a free classical music concert. I could have shown them some serious music that really moved me in the right direction. Sorry, I'm digressing.

When I heard the Pink Floyd song, I thought at how I could immerse myself in music for hours with it blasting. The sounds enveloped me in the emotion of the song. A type of meditation, I would revel in the sadness of The Smiths, the anger of Nine Inch Nails, or the righteous indignation of U2. Ah, music, a balm to the soul.

I don't do that today. Music is background or something to get my kids dancing with me on a rainy day. I can still hear a song like Romeo and Juliet by Dire Straits and remember the guy I dated who attended the Naval Academy. He dedicated the song to me, and he was right--it was just the time was wrong.

Classical music has continued to lure me with its romance. A friend sent me an article from The Washington Post Magazine about a virtuoso violinist playing in a DC Metro station during morning rush hour. Following the link at the top to the complete audio I sat transfixed by the notes even with the noises of speakers and commuters in the background. Seven people stopped to listen out of just over 1000 who walked by this man playing violin. I would have been late for work. I probably wouldn't have even found a good excuse. I would just have listened and taken the consequences.


Kell said...

The Indigo Girls covered that song. I really like their version of it - As it turned out, the dice WERE loaded from the start.

jmb said...

Hi Sarabeth,

I'm afraid the whole rock and roll era passed me by. I was into classical and folk, I even played the guitar and sang folk for years. Also I married someone who only listens to classical, and music only written before the twentieth century!

Recently I bought a Best of David Bowie CD and I love it. I wonder what else is out there from the past that I would like.

I saw the Joshua Bell article a few days ago but didn't notice the audio at the top. I'll have to go back and listen.

I thought his comments were cute, how nervous he was and then how philosophical he was about his take, $32 for 45 min = $40 per hour. He could live on that!

Sarabeth said...

jmb--Will your husband not listen to Igor Stravinsky? No Rites of Spring or Firebird? Ah, he's missing it. He's missing it.

What about some of John Williams' compositions? I know he's Hollywoodish, but some of his music is so moving, so transporting. Ah, makes me want to break out my CD collection.

I recommend U2--The Joshua Tree. War is good as well.

And, yes, Joshua Bell's comments were cute. He also mentioned how odd it was to not have anyone clap at the end of a piece, so he just continued on for music sake.

jmb said...

No Sarabeth, he hates Stravinsky, whom I love, so I have these CDs, but he doesn't.

John Williams is great for movie background music, but we don't buy the CDs.

But I'm afraid dear old A is stuck before this era. At the moment he has been playing a CD which is totally composed of different versions of Pachobel's Canon. He's been playing it all week.

Oh well, he's happy and has hundreds of CDs to keep himself entertained.

I'll see if my son has the U2 ones you mentioned or find them myself.

Sarabeth said...

jmb--Queen. You have to hear some Queen. David Bowie did Under Pressure with Freddie Mercury from Queen.