Thursday, April 19, 2007

How does your garden grow?

There are days when I read the science news stories and think, "Hmm, interesting." Yet, I don't know how to make that particular story resonate with you. Would you really want to read more about Star Trek like shields for radiation encountered in space? Some of you might want to explore that more.

Today, however, I found a story that most of us can read and say, "Yep, that makes sense." I can even add my own anecdote to the data. What's the story?

Children eat more fruits and vegetables if homegrown

Uh huh. Yep. True. I say as I nod my head while reading the entire article about the research from St. Louis University.
Researchers interviewed about 1,600 parents of preschool-aged children who live in rural southeast Missouri. They found that preschool children who were almost always served homegrown fruits and vegetables were more than twice as likely to eat five servings a day than those who rarely or never ate homegrown produce.

My kid blog is private, but just yesterday I was gloating (GLOATING, I SAY!) about what my daughters chose as a treat after swim lessons: fruit.

How did Phill and I accomplish this? We have pear, apple, peach, and plum trees in the yard. The ones that actually produce fruit. Not those fake things that just stink while they bloom. We have a ridiculous amount of strawberry plants that bear many more than we can really eat. Oh, wait, we also have blueberry bushes from which Phill and I never get to have a berry. Our middle child eats them all. Come late summer, we eat figs every day and night from bushes that blebbed off his grandmother's fig bushes.

We also have a small garden that we plant with peas, potatoes, tomatoes, squash, zucchini, and what not. This year I was told that we should grow watermelon along with the pumpkins in one of our mixed-use beds. My three year old informed me of this.

Do I agree with what these researchers found? Yes, because my kids really do eat their veggies and fruits. Cool. I did something right.


dragon knitter said...

that rocks! the other day, sean (my 12 year old) asked for a snack, and chose applesauce! it was flavored, but didn't have additional sugar (pear flavored,and ithink there might have been actual pears in it!)

why are our kids so are (this is the same kid who chose mussels di napoli @ olive garden, rather than spaghetti &meatballs!)

Awesome Mom said...

I really think there is something to that. Homegrown tastes better and it is more readily available to the kids. My boys love our strawberries, too bad our patch has become a breeding ground for slugs so they get a lot of them. We planted peas this year and I am excited to see how they turn out. We only have a small yard so we have a lot of stuff in containers.

Cory Capron said...

Makes sense to me. Another factor I imagine is that most of these kids probably have low sugar diets. People aware of the health benifits of homegrown food are less likely to give their kids Little Debie cakes for lunch. I mean, why would a sugar addict request kale?

Anonymous said...

Makes that orchard I planted all worthwhile.