Friday, April 20, 2007

Chapter 7

This used to be a part of Chapter 6. Upon reading it, I decided that I could expand the first part of Chapter 6 and use the next encounter at the pub as a separate chapter. My chapters seem so short. I guess that is okay. Maybe that will make it "bathroom reading" as my husband calls some books.

Of course, short chapters could also make it good for relationships. When the wife says, "Just let me finish this chapter." With my book, the husband wouldn't get annoyed that the chapter was 30 pages long. Not so bad if you think of it in that light.

You may have read it before, but take some time to read it again. The second story about Abigail is now presented in a back and forth between the main characters. I have also added a scene involving fish and malt vinegar. Something like this actually happened to me. I married the man.

Chapter 7


jmb said...

I don't see short chapters as being a problem. Many very successful authors write in this style. It seems very contemporary to me. Also the kind of dialogue you do is like that. Almost like a play, but without the character headings. Moving right along quickly and without editorial comment or very little.

turtle toes said...

I had to laugh out loud when I read, "Just let me finish this chapter." I have said this countless times to John Henry. He will love this book for the short chapters alone!

Sarabeth said...

One marriage helped already!

In our case, the situation is reversed. I get annoyed with Phill all the time about his, "Just let me finish this chapter." I'm a reader that can stop at any place when reading. I don't have to finish the chapter.

I can only say there is one exception--reading a scene where there is a battle in rough seas in a Patrick O'Brian book. I was so glued to that scene that I didn't realize that the treadmill I was on had finished its 30 minute cycle.

wolfbaby said...

I think your chapters are perfect. I am trying very hard to trim mine down as mine are just to darn long. I really need to take lessons from you ;) After I finish my next paper I will try and head over to your site and finsih reading the updated chapters.

Sarabeth said...

wolfbaby--just keep what you trim in a separate file!