Monday, April 09, 2007

Chapter 4

Edited a bit. Changed more than I thought I would. Posted on the other site.

If you read it before, you might notice that I no longer use the device of flashing back to her childhood. I canned it for a few reasons:

1. Kathryn is estranged from her father. She's not going to be thinking fondly of him. It doesn't work for her as a character or for me as the writer.

2. A commenter was worried that there were too many story lines. Maybe that was going to be true, but I discovered that the flashback wasn't necessary. When it is all complete, there will be the love story, Kathryn's novel in progress, Abigail's story, and Abigail's letters (written, but not revealed). Four lines to weave is plenty, thank you.

3. I always wanted to write stories where the characters discover each other by conversing with each other. The exchange between two people can be so revealing. The level of comfort, of involvement, of interest, and even the intelligence of the participants is part of a conversation. Breaking away from the conversation doesn't further the relationship any. So, the two main characters talk.

Thank goodness for editing. After my week long hiatus in writing, I was feeling rusty. Reading and slashing what I've written before breathes new life into my brain. Be gone, cobwebs. Be gone.


Kell said...

Ok - I haven't read the rewrites yet - so tell me to shut up - but I believe that humans hold a lot of hope over their not-so-perfect relatives. It's just the way we're wired. Just a fleeting thought. I promise I'll read the novel later - Today my internet gets hooked up in the new house.

Sarabeth said...

Shut up, Kell.

Just kidding.

We do have a lot of room in our hearts for less than perfect family members, especially parents. There is still room for Kathryn's father in the story--just not in flashbacks. So, in truth, I'm not getting rid of him or writing him out. He will just be presented differently--through the filter of Kathryn's words, which is the way most of us learn about our friend's/lover's parents.

Kell said...

Shutting up. Officially!!!!