Monday, April 30, 2007

Chapter 30

In my slashing phase, I have forgotten to post the next chapter. I've remedied this tonight. Moving along, at least in posting chapters.

I am still stuck with where I am currently writing, or, more aptly, where I should be writing. That's chapter 35, and I am relatively happy with the chapters before it. Those should get posted as soon as I can read them again.

The doctor in the house is leaving on Thursday, which means that I will either have plenty of evening time to myself after I get the three wee ones to bed or I will be exhausted. I'll be exhausted either way, but if I'm just mildly exhausted with no desire to throttle the husband when he returns, I will write and post and slash and burn and feel powerful until he returns on Sunday when I will fall into a heap on the floor at his feet. I get lots of sympathy that way. It isn't devious, really. He doesn't need to know that many times life proceeds normally without him, although with fewer showers for me.

Wasn't this supposed to be about Chapter 30?

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