Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Chapter 24

Because I have constant ringing in my right ear due to a ruptured ear drum, writing is proving difficult this evening. What can I do about it? Wait and take the antibiotics ordered by the doctor. At least the pain has lessened considerably since I woke at 3AM last night clutching the side of my head. And, to think that my middle child has had this happen at least two times with a possible third. Ay! Yi! Yi!

I present Chapter 24, which I realized tonight will have to be retitled as I've added chapters at the beginning, but Chapter 24 will do for now as I haven't posted all of the others on the other blog.

Now, I shall attempt to sleep as billions of crickets chirrup in my ear.

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CJ said...

Ouch! Here's wishing you speedy healing.