Friday, March 23, 2007

So much to say

not much time to say it.

A pretty day, one sick child, one teething child, and one very happy, healthy child leave me without the time to write what I'd like.

There's this report about a tiny clue for heart disease. This is an article that I would have read with interest a year ago, but this year I read it wanting to have that type of crystal ball gazing for myself and my sister and my children.

In the comments of "What the . . .", Hoobie and I had a discussion that centered around what I am trying to accomplish by writing a sex scene into the novel and what others want from a sex scene in novels. My idea was to write a post about that. Alas, time has not been favorable.

Lastly, I know I said I wasn't going to write about my grief, but I will break that at times. There are days where I do my daily non-routine with my grief under control. It is there, but is properly dammed into a deep reservoir. For various reasons, a sight, a smell, a memory, a small hole is punched into the dam. The days in which something smashes a large gash are the most difficult. I wonder how many others I see during the day that have some negative emotion just waiting to breach that internal dam.


jmb said...

I was going to comment on your thoughts in the other comment section but now I'm going to wait for the general post in the pipeline.
Take care of yourself and the little ones.

dragon knitter said...

i can understand your loss. my dad has been gone for almost 6 years, and while it's easier, it isn't any less. give it time. in time, you'll start remembering all the good, and forget the bad. when i think of my dad, i think of him teasing my oldest son, who always held a special place in his heart. i think of him mowing that humungous yard, planting potatoes on good friday, no matter how early it was, tinkering around in the garage. and i think of how much i love him still.