Sunday, March 25, 2007

Let it all hang out?

Because I have four chapters in my head waiting to be typed into the computer, I won't be long. (Mowing the lawn allows me much time to mull ideas in my head. Very nice use of time. Now, if I just had a device that would record what I was thinking. Oh, wait. I do. My brain. Except it is my brain as a mother, so much was probably lost.)

When it comes to sex scenes in books (or movies for that matter), which do you prefer?

  1. Fade to black after the long looks and a few kisses as they enter the bedroom or sink into the back of the car?
  2. Shades of gray, when you know what is happening, but it isn't all shown.
  3. Give it all to me. I can handle it.
Or, give your own answer.

Me? Of course it depends on the genre, but many times if the sex tells something about the relationship between the two people or illustrates a point (for example, youthful inexperience or one partner is much more dominant than the other) then give it all to me. I've seen plenty of moives in which I didn't think the sex scene was necessary, e.g. the second Matrix installment. A movie that I enjoy watching (but isn't a favorite of critics or many others) has an implied sex scene. The fade to black works in the movie, but the book on which it was based is pretty descriptive of the sex act.

Overall, give it all to me. I can handle it.


Rick said...

First time to your site. i found it to be very well done!

Trixie said...

Oddly enough the things that bother me most (sexually) in movies are where none of the exposure is necessary and yet done - mostly over the top - simply because they think it is needed to attract viewers. Case in point: The Thomas Crowne Affair (1999). Wonderful movie and tremendous cast. But what was with all the boob shots of Rene Russo? I forget how many there are but it seemed like 10 + ...Rene and boobs here and there and everywhere. It added ZIP to the character development. I mean - hell - she's Rene Russo and that speaks volumes.

So while I enjoy a great meaningful character driven sex scene as much as the next person - - I just can't stand the overkill that's done on most nudity these days.

Sarabeth said...

I was also annoyed by the boob overkill in that movie. In fact, it ruined the entire movie for me.