Sunday, November 05, 2006

Wandering into Politics

Yesterday as I watched a bit of football I saw an anti-Jim Webb advertisement. The ad brought attention to the writings of Jim Webb. I can't remember all of the words used to decry Mr. Webb's character based on his novels and non-fiction, but one was 'deviant'.

Whatever causes you to vote on Tuesday, don't let the fictional writings and especially the non-fiction writing sway your opinion. Just don't. Vote because you agree/disagree with the situation in Iraq. Vote because you dislike Republicans or Democrats. But, don't use his creativity against him.

See, a few months ago my husband wrote a chapter in his upcoming book that disturbed me. I asked him to change it so that it was less graphic. "What does this say about your character? Geez, Love, you're a doctor. You shouldn't write things like that!"

The discussion took place over hours one day, in and out of time with the children. Neither of us let the conversation end until each had said all in our brains on this issue. He finally swayed me with this explanation:
As a writer, I can't stay away from the ugly parts of life. You limit yourself if you won't write about life in all of its ugliness and beauty.

He's right. He went on to explain that the scene he had written was inspired by the supposed method of murder used on Edward II of England. I was somehow comforted that my husband hadn't devised this method on his own. However, his point still remains valid.

Humans have the capacity to be compassionate and good, but there has been, is, and always will be cruelty. Writing about it does not make the author cruel or an unsuitable candidate for senator.

Vote, please. Don't let that commercial sway your opinion.


Trixie said...

Leave it to you to have something wonderful to say about creativity and its place in this world...I am now officially cancelling my own blog because I just am never going to be the blogger that I want to be ...which is YOU!

Sarabeth said...

Oh, Trixie, my blog is just what is in my head. It isn't Dooce or Girl with a One Track Mind. It is just me, which is what each blog should be.

Cancel your blog if you want, but don't do it because you aren't me. Cancel it because you have to have some other direction or time away to find your voice again.

You were the reason I started blogging in the first place. Without you my father wouldn't have had the chance to read what his grandchildren were doing from day to day. He would call me just to talk about what he read on the blog. We laughed together. He commented to me verbally instead of in writing. We connected with each other again because I blogged. Isn't that enough of a reason to keep your own blog? He had such joy from my stories. Your stories may bring joy to someone else.