Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Dough of the Cookie

I made a late night run to the store tonight for milk. As I passed the rest of the products in the cold case toting my gallon, I gave a cursory glance to the packaged cookie dough. My mind went reeling back to college.

Normally, we would have been sleeping in our beds at the sorority house or perhaps contemplating the ritual to occur the next morning, but not this group. The six of us had volunteered to set up and serve at the banquet after the initiation ceremony. No white dresses, no fussy clothes, and no sitting in a warm secret room. It isn't that we didn't respect the ritual, we had just had enough of it. It was our last year in the sorority. We had given our time and efforts. We were going to be the servants. No one else saw us as escaping.

Instead of expressing our joy at our escape at our rooms at the sorority house, we had a party--just the six of us--at another member's apartment. We were too disciplined and respectful to go out drinking on the town. We kept it private.

We also gorged ourselves on totally useless food--like cookie dough from the package. I'm not quite sure why cookie dough was the delicacy of choice, but it was. Now I would choose pomegranates or raspberries, but then it was prepackaged cookie dough.

Come to think of it, I'm not really sure that there was alcohol involved that night. Megan, Stacy, Kathryn, Kelly, Suzy, and I were the type of women who could have a great time completely sober.

What about you? Did you, do you eat cookie dough? What is the allure to you?


Genevieve said...

I think cookie dough is a comfort food, and that probably explains why its popular. In the rare event nowadays that I bake cookies, I try to resist tasting the dough due to the raw egg in it. The purchased rolls of cookie dough may use a pasteurized egg product.

Sheila said...

Only when making cookies and then only small tiny bits