Thursday, November 02, 2006


As I read a post with I completely disagreed, I decided not to comment. I was so polar opposite in viewpoint that I felt there could be no middle ground on which to meet. Each time I would begin to comment I would delete the words. In a few paragraphs I could not even begin to convey how wrong I thought the person was for espousing their opinion.

As I thought about why I wouldn't leave a comment, I realized a few guidelines I have made for myself:
  1. If I agree wholeheartedly, I leave a comment.
  2. If I see some middle ground, I leave a comment.
  3. If I have some wisdom gained from a similar situation, I leave a comment.
  4. If I am at the polar opposite, I rarely leave a comment.
Number four is unfortunate as debate is a way of opening up your mind or others' minds to a different point of view. Sometimes the back and forth just gets ugly and is not educational or furthering the argument.

What about you? Have you made guidelines for yourself regarding leaving comments?


gator87 said...

When people believe the exact opposite of you, you know that you will never reach a middle ground...if they are close to may negotiate. It is not worth the wasted "breath" of the debate to debate with someone who is so different than yourself. You will never change their matter how hard you try.

jarhead john said...

I agree wholeheartedly with that one. If someone writes a post, and it's at the opposite end of the spectrum from what you believe, commenting is probably a waste of finger effort, and will only serve to get one attacked personally (depending on the blog).

Genevieve said...

I don't want to argue with the bloggers I read. If I want to argue online, I have a forum that I frequent that gets pretty argumentative.