Friday, November 03, 2006

And it all comes flooding back

I won't say that I had it conquered. That would be untrue. I have it compartmentalized--the grief. I let it out when I can afford the time for tears.

Just last week I was talking with my friend, who happens to be the woman who cuts my hair, about how I am dealing with my father's death. We talked about my mother. I kept the tears away. I was proud that I could talk without spilling tears.

Today, it all came flooding back. My friend's father has died, unexpectedly, yesterday. Here I sit remembering that afternoon, that phone call that had me huddled in a corner. Each time this happens I am reminded of the loss of a great man in my life. I feel the hole again.

It's a dark day again even though it is bright outside. It's so like that afternoon, May 20th.

Oh, I want him back.

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