Friday, November 10, 2006


It happened again at yoga class. This time I sat very still until the sadness subsided. No one was brave enough to ask why I was crying. Or perhaps, they didn't want to intrude on my personal moment.


David Harmon said...

I wandered over here from the carnival at Ex Utero. I too am still grieving for my own father, though he died 7 years ago.

All I can say is, let the tears come out, don't worry about what others think. Only by letting the grief pass through you, can you pass through the grief.

I have no faith in an afterlife, but this I do know: those we love, live on in our hearts and our memories. Remember, he too must have had loss and grief in his life -- but he survived, and went on to share himself with you.

Your father helped make you the person you are today; his love for you founded a deep root in your heart, to help supply the love you give your own children. What he taught you about life, you will pass on to your children in turn, and so his essence will continue into the future.

Sarabeth said...

Thank you for your kind words, David.

Trixie said...