Thursday, October 12, 2006

Waiting for that Day

Yesterday I read this article about men and emergency room visits. I immediately began nodding my head that yes, men will wait until after a game is over to seek medical attention. I have personal experience with this.

Exhibit A:

My husband in late January 2002 complained about his hand cramping. A few seconds into the hand cramping complaint, I couldn't understand what he was saying. His words were slurred, and he was having a difficult time forming the words. We should have been worried.

The incident passed, and Phill helped me get some munchies and beer together for some friends who were coming to watch the UVA men's basketball team play Maryland. Our seven week old daughter was showing signs of wanting to sleep earlier than she usually did. I was grateful for the extra time to my husband and friends. I was slightly worried at what happenend to Phill, but he didn't show any outward signs of concern. He's the doctor; he should know when to worry, right?


As he attempted to take care of his patients the next morning, he realized it was happening again--the word slurring and hand symptoms. His colleagues sent him to the ER. Two days later he was recovering from neurosurgery for a cavernoma. Luckily the wait to seek medical attention didn't affect the outcome, but I suppose it could have.


Genevieve said...

Interesting study, and like you, Sarabeth, I don't find the results too shocking.

Kell said...

yeah. I don't know if I told you this story or not, but about a year ago, Dave got pneumonia, but thought it was more like a heart attack because of the chest pains.

I was shooting a wedding, and Dave eventually decided to go to the ER, but not before he watched an inning of the Phillies, and after, checked his e-bay auction...

Then, he proceeded, (remember chest pains) to park at the very very end of a very, very large ER parking lot, and hobble, hand over heart, gasping, into the ER.

Thank goodness the nurse thought he was having a heart attack, and brought him in immediately...

Meanwhile, I couldn't find him, ,but had to stay at the wedding... By the time I got to the hospital, I had to further argue with him regarding how much pain he was in vs. how much pain he was telling the NURSE he was in... (he's such a hero... sheesh)

Now I won't let him bring up the incident because it still upsets me.