Thursday, October 26, 2006


Is there a polite way to eat pomegranate seeds?


Kell said...

Yes! Drink POM!!!! ha ha ha. I've actually often wondered that myself -

redone said...

Do you mean a polite way to remove them from the pomegranate? YES, there is. First, take medium to large bowl and fill it with water. Hold the pom under water with one hand and take a knife in the other. Cut off both ends. The water keeps it from squirting everywhere. Then make cuts separating the fruit into quadrants. While still holding it under water, use both hands to pull the quadrants apart. Continue separating the seeds from the rind under water- the rind floats and the seeds fall to the bottom. When it is all separated, scoop the rind off the top, then transfer the seeds to a collander and drain the water. Dump seeds back into bowl and enjoy!