Sunday, October 29, 2006

New Seven Wonders of the World

Vote for the new 7 world wonders

I voted. Why not? Learn some interesting facts along the way about some structures that you forgot existed.

My choices were:
  1. Acropolis
  2. Easter Island Statues
  3. Great Wall of China
  4. Kremlin/St. Basil
  5. Neuchwanstein Castle in Germany
  6. Petra
  7. Pyramids of Giza
Don Surber wrote more if you want to get his perspective. I don't agree with much of what he says, but his list is complete.


Genevieve said...

Well, I've been to one of your candidates -- Neuschwanstein Castle. It is beautiful, but overrun with tourists. I used to want to see the Pyramids, but nowadays, I'd rather see the Great Wall.

Trixie said...

Holy cow is that possible? Did we pick the same things without me even reading your list?