Saturday, October 14, 2006

Kitchen Utensils

I have a question for you.

There are two utensils that I call by the name of spatula.

  1. The utensil I use to flip pancakes.
  2. The utensil I use to scrape the sides of a bowl to get all of the cake batter.
What do you call these utensils?


Trixie said...

I always call the pancake flipper a spatula, although my home ec teacher tried to teach me to call that a "turner." She insisted a spatula was the bowl scraping tool. So now I wind up calling them both spatulas. I know what I mean even if it didn't meet with her approval!

What's your favorite kitchen tool?

the granola said...

They are both spatulas to me. The one I use to scrape the bowl and stir has been called a "spoonula" since it is a spoon as well. But I just call it a spatula when I scrape and a spoon when I stir. Huh, that's funny. Never thought about calling the same tool two things.

That is one of my favorite tools, BTW. It is made of a heat resistant (to 500F) silicon so you can use it for cooking too.

jarhead john said...

I call the spatula (for flipping pancakes, grilled foods, etc) a spatula, and the other a "rubber spatula." Don't know where I first heard the term. I've heard of the term spoontula too, but it never caught on with me.

Anonymous said...

i call them both spatulas and sometimes call the pancake turner the flipper. -molly

Kell said...

I call them both spatulas, but I guess other people call the rubber spatulas "scrapers."

Trixie said...

Spatulas. Always.