Thursday, October 19, 2006


My mother sighed in the passenger seat beside me. "I haven't heard someone crunch ice since your father died."

My eyes widened, and I stopped crunching the ice in my mouth. I slowly put the Wendy's cup in the holder at the dashboard. I bit my lower lip searching for something to say. "Oh," was all I found.

"He used to say, 'Hurry up and drink your coke so I can have your ice'." There was laughter in her voice. I laughed along with her.

If there was ice left in his drink, Dad would eat it. I do it, too. What about you? Do you crunch the ice left in the glass?


Kell said...

I do crunch ice. I like the cold, the smooth and the ragged edges.

Anonymous said...

I have always crunched on ice and my mother would always say stop that, you're going to break a tooth.

turtle toes said...

I'm an ice cruncher, too. My six year old would rather have ice than something to drink. I especially like the ice that is left after a glass of tea!

Trax said...

Big R does, drives me INSANE! 1st R used to and then he just stopped asking for it. I actually find myself doing it too, even though it drives me crazy when others do it.

jarhead john said...

I used to when I was a younger kid. I guess I've had too many fillings over the years, as my teeth are a bit sensitive to the cold now....bummer.