Thursday, October 12, 2006

Having Bad Days

No, I'm not crying. I'm not sad. I am miserable. I am wallowing in stress, pain, and frustrated children. I've been doing this since Tuesday. Yesterday was okay in terms of stress and pain; if it wasn't I would now be shut in my room.

Why is is so difficult right now? Let me count the ways:
  1. The children are on fall break from school today and Friday. I'm all they've got until a play date tomorrow at 10am.
  2. My three year old is severely constipated, doubling over in pain consitpated. In fact, we went to the doctor on Tuesday for help in resolving this issue. There is no magic pill. It's diet, a colorless, tasteless laxative that we add to her drinks, and lots of love and attention.
  3. I had to repeatedly take my 3yo and my 1yo to the restroom while waiting for the pediatrician. Every 5-10 minutes I would pick up my son, grab my bag, and help my daughter to the potty so she could sit and scream about how much it hurt. That is incredibly stressful. It's not having a gun put to your head stressful, but you try it and see how you feel.
  4. My 1yo is teething--two at a time--and is in pain. He wants me when he is awake. He isn't right now, which is how I can blog.
  5. My 5yo (well, almost five) would like some attention. There's not much time for her because I am spending a good portion of my time in the bathroom with my middle child and the other portion of my time giving hugs and kisses to my son. My eldest is being very understanding, but I just might have Phill take care of the other two this evening and take her out with just me.
  6. My mother is visiting on Friday, her first visit here and only her second anywhere, since my father died in May. I'm trying not to be worried about the emotions and stress, but it is seeping in the cracks.
  7. The cleaning crew has been absent. With five people, one large dog, and the neighbor kids visiting, this house gets used and abused. It needs cleaning. I did get all the laundry washed, folded, and put away. That was my retreat. What a sad statment: laundry was my retreat. Oh help.


turtle toes said...

I'm with you on #7. I was able to get seven loads of laundry today. I'm not much help to you, though because folding towels was my retreat today....

Genevieve said...

Have a nice cup of black tea, which is now proven to help with stress. Take a few deep breaths. The house doesn't really matter, but the babies do. The visit will be good for your mom. She'll be able to give advice and pitch in and help. It will give her a change of pace.

Sarabeth said...

You know, Genevieve, I've had a hankering for tea lately. That's one of the daily rituals I liked while traveling in England and Wales--sitting down to tea. My daughters even join in with me as young as they are.

Trixie said...

My massage therapist performs an intestinal (sp) massage on medical patients who are constipated. She told me it works well on little ones too. She just got married and on her honeymoon, her husband was all bound up. She showed him the power of some simple strokes working in the right direction. In less than five minutes, he was "underway" without any pain!

Anonymous said...

if you can handle three, i guess i can handle one little baby