Tuesday, October 31, 2006


A circus is coming to town and advertisements have been up in the gym and sent home with my children from school. I first had to explain what a circus was, and then I had to break the news to my little ones.

I won't give money to circuses with animals. I am opposed to their training regimes and to the conditions in which the animals live. Even tip top shape for a circus is less than the animals deserve.

What about you? What are your thoughts on circuses with animals?

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Dean J. said...

I completely agree!

I went to Ringling Bros. for a birthday party when I was little. It was the year they had a "unicorn" (a goat that was operated on) and I remember crying when they paraded the thing around because it looked so pathetic.

Anyway, I stayed away from the circus until I saw Cirque du Soleil while studying in Quebec. I realized that my aversion was to the way the animals were made to do tricks, not to the circus itself. So, I'm in the same camp: circuses with animals = bad, circuses with people performing = good.

If you want to see something really disturbing, check out this Thai "zoo" that has circus-like acts.