Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A bit upbeat

Dancing has always been a way to release my emotions and also to have the ultimate control over my self, my body, my psyche. Whether I'm angry, sad, or deliriously happy, dancing is an outlet to get rid of the negative, forget the blues, and celebrate the light.

This morning I want to dance. I heard the song by Jet, Are you going to be my girl?, and I wanted to dance. When my daughters want to dance with me they request Elvis Presley. We get positively wild whne the remastered, dance version of Little Less Conversation plays. I toss them up in the air, swing them around, and make them giggle with glee.

I don't have them here, and Jet's song doesnt' really describe my mood, so I'll choose That's Alright as sung by Elvis Presley. A bit of a jam, but a short one so one doesn't get too crazy.


Maverick said...

Dance sweetheart by all means dance.

Trixie said...

Some of my favorite memories are of dancing with my mom! She taught us all to dance. She leads and hence now I lead. When my dad and I dance, he insists on leading. It's so funny! I say to him "Daddy, will you dance with me if I let you lead?" I usually only get one dance a night with him as he would rather sit and watch than dance. Mom says he danced until they got married. Then he stopped. No need to woo, I guess. So when my sister started dancing with my nephew, it was tradition. She wiggles more than dances but it's infectious! My nephew loves the music too. I think my sister has some funk in her soul. It's another mother teaching her child to love music.