Friday, September 22, 2006


Say that in a 17 year old voice a few times. Make it kind of ditzy and happy and giddy.


I have found my journal (OMG!) from my senior year of high school. In it is poetry that makes me cringe. OMG! Was this me? You have to read some of it. Really. OMG!

Plus, OMG! is going to be the new category for these entries.

I titled this one The Question. It was written 3/14/1989.

My thoughts for you are wasted
Because they do not carry far.

They float in a cloud around my heart,
But never reach their destination.

They are meaningless to others,
And, as wel,l are meaningless to you.

So, why do I spend my thoughts on you
When they could reach someone who cared?

Because you sparked a fire of magic
That burns within my soul.

So, why do I fret and whine,
When others would forget your image?

Because I am no other one
Who leave her thoughts behind.

I do not have the capacity
To fill my nights with love.

But you don't either,
So, why do I care?

Feel free to laugh and cringe with me. I am not touchy about these at all.


Kell said...

I've written a few goofy lines about not caring in my teenage days! You're as bad as I am for reading my Jr. High Diary!!!!

Genevieve said...

I can't stand to read the journal I kept during second semester of my freshman year of college. It was a class requirement, but I wrote and wrote in it, and my gosh, what silliness.

Trixie said...

I have some poems from college. Maybe I should post them and then you could have a great laugh along with me.