Friday, September 22, 2006

More Fall Flowers

This morning glory was still blooming at 2pm. It was a cool day, so perhaps that was the reason it hadn't closed.
The fall sedum are in bloom along our artificial stream bed. The white stakes are there to keep White Dragon from jumping over the plants and destroying them. If she does jump at the place she clears the 24 inch stakes. Our plan is to replace this with a decorative wooden fence.

Another anomalous bloom was this day lily. This plant had two blooms. Because the weather was so cool this bee wasn't warm enough to move. Or, perhaps it was just getting drunk of the nectar. I like how the stamens/pistils appear to curl around the bee like a hand holding it in the flower.


Genevieve said...

You have so many nice flowers, Sarabeth. Thanks for sharing them with your photos.

Trixie said...

That morning glory bloom is incredible. The center just seems to glow.

Sarabeth said...

Thank you, Genevieve, for the nice compliment.

There are days that I walk around this yard that Phill and I have crafted and remember how my husband used to be. He wanted to spend no money on flowers for our first yard. He had no problem choosing a plant for its interesting foliage or for being evergreen. Each time I would grab for a flowering plant he would try to get me to put it back.

His reasons were all tied up in his childhood with his mother who constantly hunted for wonderful day lilies. After a few years he realized that I was not going to be like his mother and has even embraced plants solely for the flowers produced.