Sunday, September 03, 2006

More about Molly

As I was searching my digital photo archives for pictures of my three year old daughter, I found this picture from September 3rd, 2004 of Molly and I. Two years ago, we had decided that Molly no longer needed her receiver for the electronic fence. This dog knew where her bread was buttered. She was never leaving us.

For a brief six months she was an only dog. The Brute had died precipitously that May (strangely, on May 20th, the same day my father would die two years later). Molly was soaking up the super amount of attention she was receiving.

This day, Molly was following the family around as we looked at the yard with my mother-in-law. Even without the collar to remind her of the boundaries, Molly would not go near the edge of the yard. Just before the picture she had been making her signature Woooo-Woooo sound. When we first got her, I thought she was in pain when she would make this sound. She wasn't. It was just her way of getting attention.

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