Monday, September 25, 2006

It's the little things

Just a few days ago an acquaintance gave me a compliment. She said, "You're good at everything, aren't you?"

That compliment still makes me feel good. I have been in the dumps lately, but that one sincere compliment has me feeling pretty good about who I am and what I can do.

Self-confidence is something that waxes and wanes with the years, and mine was definitely waning recently. Some of it is just being sad about the loss of my father. The rest of it is tied up in how hard parenting three strong personalities can be. I make mistakes. I fly off the handle (this is probably related to grief) at the smallest infractions. I struggle to stay calm daily.

People on the outside of my life don't see my struggles. What they see is a mom dropping off her two daughters at school with hugs, kisses, and smiles. They see me hefting the baby on my back as I coach t-ball and look out for my daughter who isn't playing on the field. The other parents at the school are amazed that I have made my fundraising goal for the Heart Walk. That was what prompted the compliment.

It was that one little statement that has helped me get through these past few days. So, if you think someone is doing well, give them a real compliment. I have a feeling it will go a long way


Trax said...

"I struggle to stay calm daily" is a struggle isn't it, I find that the very most difficult thing in my life to not take out my frustrations on my cherubs and the man I love. It is so very hard sometimes and I just want to scream...which I do sometimes and then try to laugh at myself for being so ridiculous! Sometimes I just say "I'm going to start screaming" and that even helps me to not do it. Nobody told me life was going to be this tough!! Thank goodness for my kids and husband, couldn't make it without them.

Kell said...

an excellent post - Be encouraged!! You just may be Supermom!!! (Ok, from my seat in the bleachers, just your description of coaching, holding baby, watching one daughter on the field and one daughter off the field, as well as managing parents and the team... Well, who wouldn't be impressed?)