Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Happy Birthday, White Dragon

On Sept. 27, 2004 White Dragon was born along with her five siblings. Her name was Paprika then, and we weren't ready as a family for another dog, but she was perfect for us. The Brute had died precipitously in May of that year. Phill had decreed that we wouldn't have another dog until we could find a White German Shepherd/Yellow Labrador mix like The Brute. I thought our chances were slim that we would find another mix of those two breeds.

After The Brute's death I found myself searching White German Shepherd rescue sites. It was in October that I found a listing on Echo Dogs for the Spice Girls and Spice Boys, White Shepherd/Lab mix puppies. I showed the puppies to Phill. He groaned but not too loudly. We applied that night.

After an extensive home visit, a conversation with our veternarian, and phone calls to our personal references, we paid the adoption fee and the travel fee to get her that December--she would be ten weeks old. The funniest line from the personal references was when TWA Pilot told the case worker, "I trust her with the care of my children. Do I really need to tell you more than that?"

White Dragon is two years old. She's a great family dog, patient, kind, and has no bite reflex. She's a bit too puppyish still, but that's okay. Time will help with that.

I did not bake a cake for her. That was the leftovers from my daughter's third birthday in early September. And, I will not bake a cake for her. I will not cook her a steak or a piece of chicken or anything like that. I'll just give her the same amount of pets and attention that she gets everyday. I will try to keep my son from stealing her bone.


Genevieve said...

I've always heard that Labs were very persistant "chewers" as puppies. Did you find that true with White Dragon?

Blogger is not cooperating with me tonight, but I'll try again to post this!

Sarabeth said...

Genevieve, White Dragon likes to chew. However, we gave her so many toys as a puppy, and we rotated them to stave off boredom, that she didn't chew anything she shouldn't have. Part of that track record is probably due to the fact that I am home all the time, and when we went on short trips around town--she went with us.

White Dragon has the good qualities of a lab (soft mouth, loyalty, friendliness) with some of the shepherd qualities thrown in for good measure (mild protectiveness, comfort being alone and outside). We are very happy with her.

Trixie said...

I remember picking her up at the airport! It was soo cold out and she was just this soft white thing. I loved her!