Friday, September 08, 2006

Emotional Wreck

While doing an activity with my eldest daughter I became an emotional wreck. It took a tremendous effort for me not to ball up in a corner and cry. We made a bag to show people, items and activities that described my daughter. Here is the description from my kid blog:
She used small alphabet pasta to make the sand of a beach. With angel hair pasta she made sea oats. She used the tri-colored shells to make a palm tree, hermit crabs, and a pile of shells made by a little girl who loved the beach.

What I didn't say on that blog, because it is to be a happy blog, are the reasons my daughter chose a beach scene and the hermit crabs.

She chose a beach because she associates that with my dad. She also enjoyed going on the dog walks with him to the shoreline near his house. There he showed her how to pick up the hermit crabs and throw them into the water. "These remind me of Pop Pop," she said.

Inside the bag she chose a picture of my dad with her on a swing. This morning she told me, "Pop Pop is the best. I will always love Pop Pop."

She had such a connection with him in so short of a time. She misses talking to him on the phone. Her grief is different than mine but no less real. She says something about him every day.

So, just in case you have forgotten, the world is not right without my father in it.


Maverick said...

No, our world isn't right without Daddy.

Trixie said...

Sending both of you girls hugs across the miles. You're right. Nothing is right without your Daddy. But one day somewhere in the future I promise it will hurt a little less.