Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Cozy Corner Challenge

Trixie in Oklahoma has issued a challenge.
So instead of a meme, I am issuing a photo challenge. I've seen other bloggers do this and it is just fascinating! Your assignment is to take a photo of your favorite corner of your house -- and explain why you like it so much.

This is truly a challenge for me because our house is not cozy. It is utilitarian. I don't do fluffy pillows, fancy throws, or perfect furniture placement. If it is a useable arrangement I keep it. If I keep bumping my hip or stubbing my toe, I move it around until I no longer do that. I'm not even like my other friend Trixie who plans her fabrics carefully. I just can't do that. I'm not focused, but we've already discussed that.

However, if I were to choose a room to show, it would have to be my bedroom. Phill and I bought this bed at wholesale in North Carolina after looking at it for three years. I call it my Viking bed. It's a king, and we splurged on the mattress as well. I will drive all night just to get back to this bed. That is how much I adore its softness and scale.

1 comment:

Trixie said...

Folks this picture really doesn't do that bed justice.

I have seen this bed.


It is huge!! Made for Big Strapping Handsome Men and their delicate little wives. It should be full of dogs and children. It's just that big.

Tell them the story of how it got upstairs!