Sunday, September 17, 2006

Celebrating Mediocrity?

My daughter's first t-ball game was today. Before the game even began a monther asked if a professional photographer was going to be contracted to take official photographs. Our main coach answered that one comes near the end of the season. Apparently, the pictures come bordered as a baseball card. I inwardly groaned.

I'm glad I did as I saved my groan for the next bit of news. "We can get them trophies as well!" The coach was very excited as he displayed the size with his hands and talked about how his son had shown his from the spring season to everyone who had visited their house. "For $5 these kids get a lot of joy!"

I don't want a trophy for my daughter. She's just playing t-ball. No one keeps score at this level. Everyone wins as long as they participate and have fun. I like the fact that no score is kept. I like the fact that there are no outs. This lets these 4-6 year olds learn the basics of hitting, throwing, and catching without all the pressue of losing. The hard stuff can come when their emotions can handle it better.

But, a trophy? Geez, give the kids a ribbon. Or, give them a team picture printed on a nice certificate with a shiny, gold seal. These are children, small children. A sticker is exciting to these kids. Just getting to keep the hat and the shirt is exciting. I'd rather take the $5 per kid for a trophy and throw them a nice party with cake and ice cream. For $65 you could throw a pretty good party for these 4-6 year olds. We could even have it at my house.


the granola said...

Do you have anyone in school yet?

At least around here, I see too many awards for way too little effort.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you, mon seur!