Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Unnamed Novel: Chapter 12

It's done. Here's the link. I changed one of the twins names. They are now Colin and Connor. It just seemed better to me. What do you think?

Comments appreciated. And, this is the only time that a personal story will be in this novel. The character of Kathryn is not me. She just happens to share an experience with me.


Ex Utero said...

I think they're going to love chapter 13. Wait til they hear about the men.. Oh, guess I'd better not spill the beans.

wolfbaby said...

Crap that is just not fair... tease and leave like that.. so not fair especially given he has the inside scoup ..... pbbbttssss *thats me stickin my tounge out at you dude LOL* Can't wait to see what happens next..