Sunday, August 20, 2006

Pretty Things

I have a soft spot for Barbie dolls. I like them. I don't collect them at all. I am, in fact, the opposite of a collector. If I cannot use it I do not keep it. There are a few things in my house that are collector items, but I did not collect them. If it were me, those items would be gone.

For some reasona Barbie catalog is sent to this address about three times a year. I give it to my daughters who proceed to cut out the pictures and stick them on thier bedroom walls.

I do look through the catalog first. This Barbie caught my eye. If I have one fantasy, it would be to wear a dress like this and look this good in it. Someone would get a fabulous picture of me that would make me smile when I am sad and feeling less than wonderful about me.

What about you? Do you have a fantasy look from a Barbie doll? (Jarhead John is exempt from answering this. He can talk about a GI Joe or something like that if he feels like it?"


Sarabeth said...

Maverick--don't you dare buy it. I don't want it.

tupeloshark said...

The catalog is sent because you buy Barbie's for me. And I won't buy it, I promise.

Fantasy look from a Barbie? Yes, I have one but it is not the one I use to like. It is an Angel Barbie - I love her dress and the look on her face - it is one of contentment and peace. I would like to have that look and those feelings right now.

Kell said...

I know, that as a girl who never played with Barbie, it's odd that I have a few of the collectors' dolls (because that Bob Mackie - in the days before he lost his fortune and is subsequently selling older women's clothing on HSN or QVC - was one kick-ass designer) - Anyway - I just kind of like them - and will probably not keep them forever, but... I guess I have a small collection.

Trixie said...

I just wasted over 30 minutes looking at these stupid dolls! By golly this is a addictive... Who thinks of this stuff??

Some are truely works of art.

I had to force myself to step away from the screen.

Trax said...

Seems to me, I saw something similar to that when I saw your wedding photo!