Thursday, August 31, 2006

Going Veggie

Due to various health issues and Phill's desire to drop a few pounds, we are going to eat vegetarian for the next month. I'm going to try. I may eat some meat for lunches. I really like meat. It's good.

Going veggie isn't difficult. I've had many friends who are vegetarians, and I would cook for them. I have plenty of recipes.

Last night I used our George Foreman grill for cooking portabello mushroom caps and small spears of asparagus. We ate the mushrooms as burgers with soy provolone cheese.

The asparagus reminded me of my father. When my family visited me in Seattle I lightly steamed some thin asparagus and served them with a soy sauce. Dad really enjoyed that side dish. He made a comment that he never knew asparagus could be so good. He'd always had it overcooked or too big and woody. These memories pop into the forefront of my brain when I least expect it.

So, when you have a steak this month, think of me. I'm going to want one.


Trixie said...

It's amazingly easy these days to skip meat. I haven't had any in a couple of days. I eat alot of soy, faux meat when I am alone at the house. It's easy to prepare and tastes good too.

Kuky said...

I think Alan would throw a fit if we did that. We love our meat in this house.

the granola said...

I like exercise more than diet. With exercise, I can splurge sometimes. But I've never been much of a meat eater.

Sarabeth said...

Let me stress that this wasn't my idea. It was his. He goes tomorrow for an ultrasound to see if he has gallstones. Somewhere in his head he remembers learning a veggie diet helps reduce the incidence of further gallstones. This is all anecdotal, but since Tuesday when we began this veggie diet, he feels better. And, come to think of it, he may just be avoiding meat because of some conclusion he reached using his vast knowledge of biochemistry and molecular biology and physiology. I don't know. I'm not going to argue.

And, Granola, I prefer exercise as well. However, as a doc and a researcher and a writer and a dad who loves his kids, he doesn't get much time to exercise. We sneak some in for him, but diet is going to have to be the primary way for weight loss for a bit.