Saturday, August 12, 2006


My father ate nearly every type of fruit, but I have always associated him with apples. I'm not quite sure why, but every time I see an apple I hear the cut of my father's teeth through the skin and then the flesh of the apple. My father would eat the apple down to the very core.

I remember my father sharing an apple with The Brute, the white shepherd/lab mix that we had before White Dragon. He didn't mean to share it with The Brute. Dad had put a partially eaten apple down on the hearth to deal with Inwe, just ten months old at the time. Dad turned to get the apple just as The Brute was absconding with it in his mouth. "Ack! Give that back, you brute!" Dad manhandled the dog, retrieved the apple, and took a bite. Dad was not squeamish.

The picture above was taken about the same time as the dog/apple incident. Dad was eating an apple. In that way that babies have, Inwe demanded a bite. He put the apple out to her and she bit. She had four teeth; none of them were molars. Somehow she managed to chew the piece that she got. She's liked apples since then.

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Ex Utero said...

That made me smile. Kodi and your father had a "that's my turf your peeing on" relationship. Respect but friendly, respect. Two alphas in small space.

I miss them both.