Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Found: One Garter Snake

My daughters and I found this snake in the pond today. We left it alone. This evening, Larien and I were paying a visit to the yard before she went to bed early. The snake was still there in the same position. It was dead. I lifted it out to discover that it had swallowed a fish tail first instead of head first. A fin perforated its gut and its outside skin.

Bye, Garter Snake. You will no longer make me squeal in fright like a girl.


Trixie said...

You squealed like a GIRL!


And the snake died in fright. Stop trying to convince us that it ate a fish backwards. We know the truth!

Kell said...

That's just so gruesome - and so goes against that survival of the fittest thing. Do you think it's possible there's such a thing as a stupid snake?

Sarabeth said...

Kell--This is the second garter snake that I have known of that died from eating a fish the wrong way.

When I taught science I had a small garter snake that I used for teaching purposes. I would buy feeder goldfish for it. The kids and I would enjoy watching the snake hunting the goldfish. It was a fascinating process. The snake would catch the fist tail first and then attempt to turn the fish head first. I had this snake for a year, and he/she/it/whatever always got the fish turned around. Then one day it didn't. Poof! Dead snake a little while later.

Trax said...

Not quite as dramatic as the python eating the gator, but same concept, both leading to the demise of Mr. snake!